• ‘Cos every little things, gonna be all right’ SOLD
    My old school buddy was involved in a serious car accident on NYE 2020. This was my tribute to her and her recovery, and Bob Marley who created such an awesome song to comfort us in dark times,. This is the McKillop college choir singing to her. Weird but true.
  • Te Urungi by Monika Welch $1450
    The Steerer. Oh how I love to steer my well as a waka for many. Such freedom, battling through rough seas to get to calm waters.

    And there she emerges in this painting.From the land, the bush and forest. Strong and steer.
  • ‘COME TO MY PARTY!’ By Monika Welch $750
    This is a crazy one....that makes me smile a lot! How funny that a woman came into the studio and claimed I had painted her friend and her mantra/ lifestyle! Can’t wait to meet her for sure!
    This is collage and paint and ....some stuff.
    Measures 600 x 900 mm
  • ‘ Kei Matakana tōku Ngakau’ - SOLD
    One of my fave all time piks....that my dear matey Amo Tutengaehe - Ferris fell in love with. It now lives in the Tutengaehe whanau homestead on Matakana Island.
  • ‘Ride the ‘Storm’ by Monika Welch $750
    A gentle ...and colourful reminder, that after all storms, there is a calm....a new day. Remember that always!
    Measures 750 x750mm
  • ‘Butterflies in My Tummy’ by Monika Welch SOLD
    This is a kind of a bit cute.
    Has a script on it.
    “ And still when I think of you, I get butterflies in my tummy........
    .......and a few moths”.

    Measures 600 x 900 mm
  • One day the word 'uplift' became a hot topic and from that word and the discussion thereafter I created this painting. It says "And on this day and forever more, unicorns will love all children and uplift them always."
    Measures 1200mm x 1200mm
  • ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ SOLD
    A beautiful vintage fabric piece placed in an upcycled frame I did. Simply stunning!
    Amen !