This was an experiment in collaboration. The concept and original idea was initiated by AalixR, an art buddy here in Kerikeri. AalixR chose the colour palette, composition and structure. I continued with embellishments and interpretation, and completed the painting how I saw it to be. An interesting result!!This piece has plenty of texture and is a celebration of Matariki'....the Maori new year! Measures 45cm X 45cm
    This is an old one that I revamped. Much better now I think. She is not green anymore!! Of course I modelled her on myself..........NOT! She is holding a teeny, tiny cage! Measures 1020mm X 780mm
  • Late for the Date....SOLD
    A lovely romantic piece in the flavour of the $1930's. Rich colours and restful mood. Measures 510mm X 1020mm
  • I dream of the Bay - (SOLD)
    A large and dreamy, feminine piece depicting feelings here in Aotearoa. I came from the Bay of Plenty to our current home in the Bay of Islands.
  • In Quiet Times - SOLD
    A Peaceful reflective piece. Simple and lovely.
  • Lucille- $1800 - SOLD
    This is my attempt at a complete painting makeover. I ousted her 'cheer-leading'ponytail, smokied up her eyes, reddened her lips and turned her girly frill into boysenberry whip!! I surrounded the whole pik with dark red theatre curtains and NOW I LOVE it!!. Looks ten times better than before and is rich and flavoursome. Very dramatic! Measures 1020mm X 780mm
  • Nitchke (NFS)
    Not sure when I did this, but it was a gift for my dear friend Julie....who of course has an interesting geneology full of cossacks and Belgiums.
  • We Are never Lost.......NFS
    Salut little bro and Treez. Happy wedding day and for all your days to come. BRING ON THE BUBBIES!!!
  • Happy 21st Mikey.....what a gorgeous, cuddly(yet studdly) neffew, you are. X
  • Happy birthday "Blondie". Still as gorgeous as ever!!
  • Caitlin and Kitty- SOLD
    This was a commission for a customer in AK. This is of her bootiful wee girl who loves ballet, bunnies and her kitten. Was an absolute pleasure to do....and isn't she gorgeous!!! Measures 800mm X 800mm
  • I Have a Story To Tell - SOLD
    Misty and mysterious, a nice wee piece to wonder about.........
  • The Sky's The Limit-SOLD
    I donated this painting to my kid's school for their silent auction fundraiser. I put a reserve on it and it sold on the day! Yahoo!!! It was a joyful attempt to bring some kind of sanity to our current NZ problem......namely the maiming and murdering of our NZ babies by NZ adults! There is a script at the bottom which reads, "When BIG people love little people, the sky's the limit!!" Nia Glassie, this one is for you sweety!
  • Collette-SOLD
    Thi is only a small experiment, and is painted in watercolour crayons,(which incidentally came out like oils) on the page of an old book entitled,"Bumper book for girls". The book has lots of words in the stories like'chum' and 'gosh'. Very cool! I then pasted the pik to a piece of watercolour paper. It comes complete with finger smudges and all! Tis handsigned . All up measures 23cm X 30.5cm
  • Willy, Billy and Jazz! -NFS
    Happy Birthday to my darlin John.....the true Willy Wonka in our family!
    This is a HUGE commission I have completed for a client in Masterton. It was commissioned for his beloved and he is now apparently, the most popular male on the planet! measures 1.5 X 1.2 metres!! The painting is about stormy seas, family, love and protection. The name on the boat is "Amor fou' which means "Crazy Love' requested by client!
  • Funky Jazz -$150.00 - SOLD
    This is by my gorgeous girl, Jazmyn, aged 10.Together we studied abstract work online and via library books. She then painted most of this last year to music and just finished it recently. It consists of acrylic paint, collage, oils stiks and shellac. It has a highgloss varnish and is simply a stunning vibrant and very valid work. Jaz wishes to sell this to raise money for her Girl Guide jamboree in Christchurch.640 X 970mm
  • Grace         $900 - SOLD
    My second finished painting in Northland.A celebration indeed!! I have called her "Grace" and she has just the most beautiful pthalo blue/green background. Really nice little piece. Only small. Measures 65cm X45 cm
  • FLY II $1600.00 - SOLD
    A whimsical self-indulgence! Girl with wee wings floating/flying with two balloons tied to her wrists. Has a script on it...She said, "You can fly" I did. Cute huh! Measures 102 X 78cm
  • The Pied Piperess - NFS
    Happy birthday to our darling Leashii. 23 now!!Yahooooooo Lov mum XX
  • HIDE'N'SEEK with the Pied Pipress- SOLD
    This was a commission based on the one above that I did my my daughter. They are so much fun to paint. Mixed media

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