• I loved painting this and am really happy with the results. A rather strange piece with females and birds. Thanks again to Bryce Wastney and his soulful tunes! (Painted when we first moved to Kerikeri....during the floods)
  • This is based on an old joke that's been around for some time. Do you remember it? I mixed it up a bit ..... Measures 1 metre X 800mm
  • An edgy kind of playful mix wrapped up in a beautiful gold elaborate frame! Gotta love that tui......and the bunny. Painted whilst listening to "Hey there Delilah" by The Plain white T's!
  • When We Fly, We Fly Together- SOLD
    Just a little something'sweet'. Measures 600mm X 600mm
  • This is actually a kind of self-portrait! Me....always on a crusade of one kind or another...generally to do with this fickle art world. The little dog-person beside me is my guardian. Huge painting that measures 1.5 metres high and about 900mm across. I am very very proud of this one!!
  • More fun and nonsense. Mixed Media Measures 600mm X 600mm
  • Nothing But My Pretty Bow - Sold
    Small and pretty and bright
  • Caitlin Learns to Fly - SOLD
    More fun!Based on a bootiful wee girl of whom I have painted before!Cheers to you Caitlin! Measures 600mm X 600mm
  • A very bright piece of self-indulgent NONSENSE! A cafe for pussy-cats and their indulgent mothers! My daughter has decided SHE wants this one!! Little monkey! Measures 600mm X 920mm
  • I really love the face and look I got on this. This is done with paint and oil pastels on canvas. 10" square
  • OH how I love to fiddle and play with collage etc. This was mindless fun! 10" square (This is my third peice from the Pied Pipress series. if you would like to commission something in this range they start from $250)
  • Pantomine I - SOLD
    Oh this was just a sweet and fun release. Nothing serious and a bit of doodlicious fun. Done on A4 acid free paper.
  • Take one large tomato and place in icecream cone. Pass out as hor d'ouvres at exhibition opening party.(pass out quickly and watch people try to figure out what to do with them or how to eat.) 10"square.
  • BY golly there are a lot of silly silly people out there. Here is one of them. Felt good doing this I must say!!! 10" square If you would like to commission a piece for $250 from this "Silly sausage" series, feel free to ask!
  • This was a commission for a wonderful and dedicated customer. Was an absolute pleasure to do.
  • A lovely 'tennis racket' commission for a wee girl and her family.I have 15 more rackets to do if you would like to commission something specific.
  • Yes you are right. This is a tennis racket!!The stem of the racket has been chopped down somewhat, all the nylon strings are gone and have been replaced with hardboard. I have painted in oils on the board and there is shellac on the racket. A fun little piece. Slightly mysterious.......
    I am working on portraits for my exhibition this year and this is a smallish one that I whipped up just to practice. Turned out rather nice tho. Measures 760mm X 380mm
  • Rerenga Wairua - SOLD
    Life's journey.............
  • When Two thieves met in The Plum trees! - SOLD
    A sweet and busy painting, complete with collaged butterflies and coated with shellac. Mixed media. (WARNING: This is a true story!)
  • Fairy Princesses -  SOLD (commission)
    A commission for my most prolific client. (Her beautiful girls)So happy to have done this!!!

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