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  • A PURE LOVE - $500.00
    Measures 510mm X 1020mm A classic piece in purples and mauves. Has script on it that reads, "Ah, tis a pure love we have." Antiqued dress and lovely lily. Some texture.
    Measures 1 metre 1230mm X 920mmThis is a bright funky piece which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Has my usual collage on it and a resin glass type additive in places. There is wording added in the painting to give it that 'secretive tone'......'look',
    This is different! Quite tribal and almost dream-like in it's entirety. An interesting piece with things to look for. Measures 1 metre 1230mm X 920mm Buyer to pay postage and packing.
  • GREEN FEATHER II - $700.00
    This is just soooo nice. I am very pleased with this one. Very Kiwi, very simple, very restful. A nice piece of modern Kiwiana. Measures 1020mm X 510mm
    ....and stole my heart.(script) Unusual burnt yellow backgound,white floating angel dress and decoupaged butterflies. A special meaning and story behind this. Measures 510mm X 1020mm
    This is a large painting and the full length of it is not in the shot. In fact there is also one figure at the end missing. Unfortunately I just could not get a good shot of this due to the high gloss in it. So this is the best photo I can do. I so
  • TO LIGHT YOUR WAY - $700.00 -SOLD
    This is a stunning deep green colour (my favourite colour is green by the way) that represents a god-like figure lighting the way for all the boats in the Pacific.....with a white feather. I was going to call this Pacific Lighthouse, but well, change
    This is soooooo sweet. A fun, little zany piece in black, red, white and yellow. Has a smidge of gold in places. I had fun doing this one!!! Measures 760 x 510mm
  • CINDER'S STAIN - $1800.00-SOLD
    This is just so funny. My 9 yr old daughter helped me come up with the idea. I mean to say, what if Cinderella fled the ball for another reason. Perhaps it was because she had baked beans stains on her skirt. Maybe she also lost more than her shoe a
  • LOVE YOU -$500.00- SOLD
    This is a fun little piece. Lots of block colours and girly stuff in it. Hearts and costumes and know the girly stuff I mean! Has writing on it with "I LOVE YOU"!
  • UNE NUIT A PARIS -(Large) -$2800.00 -(Sold)
    This is my latest work of which I am so very proud of. This is where I want to go and shall imerse myself more in these more figurative female works. A lot of work but so much fun. Painted in various shades of red highlighted with lilac! These are s
  • A STRONG PACIFIC- (Large) -$1600.00 - (Sold)
    This is so different from my other Pacifika pieces. I have used moody greens and light lilacs. An interesting outcome with a fabaliss result. A real pleasure to do and visually is really stunning!
  • PACIFIC HORIZON - (Large) $1600.00- (Sold)
    Beautiful bright, peaceful.......has love-poem script written on top.Pieces of tapa used on here! Nice large piece!
  • A PLENTIFUL PACIFIC -$630.00-(Sold)
    This is a stunning and vibrant little triptych that you hang vertically.....or horizontally. Tis up to you! It even has the fresh-water pipi shell on it from lake Rotoiti, which is black and gold. Each canvas measures about 35cm square. (P&P to be p
  • RICH IS THE PACIFIC (triptych) $700.00-(Sold)
    This is a gorgeous 3-piece, bright bold and exciting. Tribal and dream-like! P&P to be paid by buyer.
  • Te Ahi Ka I (LARGE diptych) - $1600.00- (Sold)
    Meaning: Keep the Fires burning. This was a major effort but also flowed freely over the period of days that I did it in. Quite a magical experience really. There is a woman in the painting warming her hands by the fire. She was just there in the pa
  • A NEW GREEN DAY- $840.00 -(Sold)
    Measures 102cm X 51cm I absoutely adore this painting! I believe it to be one of my favourites ever. The background green is just divine with a heavily textured white/gold dress and subtle red shoes. There is a curtain hanging behind and I have stuc
  • NGA KAITIAKI O MAUAO II - $840.00- (Sold)
    In English this means, "The Guardians of Mauao". This is Mauao or Mt Maunganui as we fondly know it by. A wonderful place for young and old to enjoy, complete with walking tracks and beautiful beaches and lookouts. In the beginning Mauao was c
  • A WHISPER OF WHITE- $950.00-(Sold)
    This is one of my favourite works. Gorgeous green surreal background with white wispy dress floating across. It's a very enchanting piece and leaves much up to the viewer to interpret.....and believe me there's been lots of that! A real female/gir
  • I'LL GIVE YOU A DAISY A DAY DEAR - $720.00-(Sold)
    Black, white and red with a smidge of yellow. Decoupaged shoes with reall ribbon hanging from them. Textured gel vases to hold the wee daisies. Seven daises and script in French for each day of the week. Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi......(Monday Tuesday We
  • ROSEY ROSE - $2200.00 (Sold)
    This is HUGE!!! Measures 1146mm X 1114mm. It is spectacular with it's orange tinted petals. A gorgeous piece for any home that has large walls to cover.

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