• Climbing up to your World Baby’ by Monika Welch - SOLD
    It’s always nice to climb upmto other spaces. To another’s world ...for chats and conversations. To laugh and giggle, offer comfort and an ear or two....almost like a tree hut or fort. Then it’s nice to climb back down....and go home for dinner!
  • “And Grace Will Lead Me Home” by Monika Welch $850
    I started this on the footprint of my friend Aalix Roake who was killed in an accident December 2018. Aalix was an aethiest who loved this song. She was also a tortured artist who never sold much artwork......however she was an amazing poet. Incredible in fact. I began this before, during and after the NZ terrorist attack in Christchurch, March 2019. It helped move me through as well as learning about Aalixs passing. Grace too is my only teen student at present. She has no idea how she has brought me back to the brush. Soooo many Graces. Measures 760mm x 760 mm
  • “ The Girl with the Lavender Eyes” by Monika Welch $850
    Hauntingly beautiful.... A soulful adventure with photography and mixed media. Measures 800mm x 550mm
  • A fun, bright indulgent mixed media piece, painted on a solid fridge door. Mucho funno to paint this!Measures 1170mm X 630mm
  • ‘I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH’by Monika Welch $750
    There has been a movement amongst woman to show/ prove/ believe, that .....you are enough. Or....I am enough. But I think ......stuff that! I am more than enough Thankyou very much. There are words on the painting that says, ‘ The little one, in a little while , whispers, I am more than enough’. This is a message to our ‘ inner little girl’. I think you get the picture. X
  • THE NAVIGATOR by Monika Welch  $490
    A collage of scraps of my own works made into a new and amazing piece.....and placed between acrylic sheets. Absolutely love this substrate and the potential here. This work was a heartfelt sentiment to all those who lost their jobs in the airlines during covid 19. As the world still bumbles through this pandemic trying to find a way forward, my ‘ navigator is now ready and waiting with wings to fly ....and the keys to the plane. ( not sure if a plane has keys......but maybe?) She will fly though, airline job or not.
  • ‘FRIDA’ - $750
    This is a manipulated photo image.......created by me, framed in the back of an old vintage frame that had nails lining the back of it, resembling stitches. Love this so much hanging in my gallery.