• ‘ Free falling’ by Monika Welch  - SOLD
    Part of a series I did for Little Black gallery.
    A painting about nurture and love and falling in love with your little one.
  • ‘In the Garden with Eden’ by Monika Welch SOLD
    I loved painting this one so much. It just evolved very naturally....and I just felt very happy whilst painting it. Based on a precious little fella I briefly spent time with, by the name of Eden.
    Measures 450 x1400mm
  • “When Bubby Duck Flew  Away” SOLD
    This is the story of how I raised a my bra. When the time came as a young adult duck, I took her to a friends pond to live. She flew away eventually but came back to have her own family. Bless her little webbed feet!
    Measure 340mm x 390mm including frme
  • “ Moondance” by Monika Welch......SOLD
    A sweet, happy song with simple promises of love and and magic and romance and plenty of dancing all the rest of your days.
    A fave song indeed......
    Acrylic on Surfboard
    Measures 530mm x 2070mm
  • “Flowers in our hair” by Monika Welch ...SOLD
    I love this one! It moved me so.
    My all time fave surfboard.
    I painted it and felt blessed to move through some art blockages. And when I painted her face I knew it was complete.
    A very spiritual time, and painting episode.
    Measures 500 mm x 1900 mm
  • SOLD ‘Guess How much I Love YOU.’ By Monika Welch
    I love you with all the swirls and twirls and colours and shadows and dark patches and tears and blotches and glitches and all the laughs and lines and sunshine and circles. ‘
    Measures 800 x 1000mm
  • A song about fertility....womanhood, the bearing of children.Hold fast to the wish....the want...
  • ‘Come into My Garden’ by Monika Welch SOLD
    New and first attempts at abstract.
    Something different. A rainbow of garden colours......
    Measures 1000 x 800mm
  • ‘Jaz i Pepe’ - SOLD
    I love love this painting! This is my baby girl-child and her imaginary hand-puppet. Painted on very expensive linen with hugely expensive oils!!! The linen gives this painting an old worldy effect! It's a great pik and the colours are much better in real life.
  • ‘Aotearoa’ - Sold
    An indulgent Kiwiana piece that I struggled through, but eventually worked itself out. Lives in Tapoetahi......happily on the beach.
  • Two DJs in London   - SOLD
    This was a commission for one of the sons of a committed client I have.
    She has two sons, both DJs in London. One of them was turning 30 , so she commissioned this for him. Much fun painting this whilst listening to their sounds.
  • ‘Your Soft Hand’ by Monika Welch- SOLD
    It reads ‘ I roto I te ata , there is birdsong .....and your soft hand’

    Need I say more?
  • ‘May you be Fruitful’ by Monika Welch -SOLD
    An interesting and slightly odd painting created in great haste and whimsy for LITTLE black Gallery.